The Gardens at Post Hill

At The Gardens at Post Hill we propagate and display temperate terrestrial orchids, related woodland plants, and other horticulturally distinctive plants. We are constantly expanding the information on the website and hope that you will visit often.

Our Orchid Stores are now Closed for Spring 2017. Thank you to everyone who visited our site in spite of our web hosting fiasco. Our website will be completely updated and all pages will be working prior to our Fall Shipping Season. We expect to put our Fall Lists up sometime in June. We wish everyone a great orchid growing season.

Change in web hosting vendor. Our web hosting vendor of the past 11 years suddenly closed shop. We transferred our web address to from our .com identifier while we transferred our domain, since this happened during Spring ordering season. Thus, you may now enter or to reach our site. If you use, you will be directed automatically to this .net site. You are at the right place!

Some of our blooming orchids, Spring 2017

Cyp Tilman
Cyp Tilman is a hybrid of two large-flowered Cyp's - fasciolatum and tibeticum, registered by Frosch in 2005. We had one plant bloom in 2016 and the flower was huge. This plant, blooming for the first time for us this season, has five huge, colorful flowers on 5 stems.

Cyp formosanum planting
Cyp formosanum planting in our Seattle area garden. These plants were installed in Fall 2016.

Cyp Lady Dorine Lady Dorine is a hybrid of Cyp formosanum with its fan-shaped leaves and fasciolatum, registered by Opsteale in 2008. It has somewhat fan-shaped leaves but without the pleating of formosanum.

Cyp Lady Dorine Cyp formosanum
Flowers of Lady Dorine (left) and formosanum (right).

Cyp Schoko
This is a hybrid of Cyp calceolus and shanxiense registered by Frosch in 2011. I really like the coloration of the pouch of the plants we have.

Cyp macranthos var. rebunense
Cypripedium macranthos var. rebunense is a variety of macranthos that occurs only on Rebun Island, the farthest northern island of Japan. Its flowers are cream-colored or white. This form of macranthos has sacred status in Japan and has been under collection pressure in spite of being protected. The government made seed available a few years ago to try to reduce poaching. This blooming plant and several others were obtained from Anthura via HardyOrchid. We have three specimens blooming this season

Cyp Bernd and Barry Phillips
Cyp Bernd and Cyp Barry Phillips in sale bed.

Cyp Bernd Cyp Bernd album
Cyp Bernd and Bernd forma album. Bernd is a hybrid of Cyp macranthos and segawai registered by Frosch in 2001.

Cyp Barry Phillips
Cyp Barry Phillips is a hybrid of Cyp fasciolatum and segawai registered in 2015 by the Royal Horticultural Society for Anthura.