The Gardens at Post Hill

At The Gardens at Post Hill we propagate and display temperate terrestrial orchids, related woodland plants, and other horticulturally distinctive plants. We are constantly expanding the information on the website and hope that you will visit often.

Our Orchid Stores are now Closed for Spring 2017. We had a lingering Winter that kept plants dormant but with the warm up last week everything is bursting forth! Thank you to everyone who visited our site in spite of our web hosting fiasco. Our website will be completely updated and all pages will be working prior to our Fall Shipping Season. We expect to put our Fall Lists up sometime in June. We wish everyone a great orchid growing season.

Change in web hosting vendor. Our web hosting vendor of the past 11 years suddenly closed shop. We transferred our web address to from our .com identifier while we transferred our domain, since this happened during Spring ordering season. Thus, you may now enter or to reach our site. If you use, you will be directed automatically to this .net site. You are at the right place!

On the Store menu at left, the Cypripedium Store, Pleione Store, and Other Terrestrial Orchid Store are updated and functional. The Email Us link works as well. We are updating the other links. Thank you for your patience while these updates are being made.