The Gardens at Post Hill

At The Gardens at Post Hill we propagate and display temperate terrestrial orchids, related woodland plants, and other horticulturally distinctive plants. We are constantly expanding the information on the website and hope that you will visit often.

We have closed our commercial orchid nursery in Connecticut since we have moved to the Seattle Washington area. We will continue to propagate orchids as dedicated (and perhaps addicted) hobbyists, with a focus on making new hybrids and we will list surplus plants in the Spring and Fall when we have excess plants available.

Our Fall lists for Cypripedium and for Other Terrestrial Orchids are now closed with shipping to be complete by October 20 for delivery by October 23. We hope to put up a Pleione list in January/February for March shipping.

We thank everyone who stopped by this Fall. We had many first time visitors as well as our acquaintances of many years. We are pleased to see so many new Cypripedium and Dactylohiza gardeners beginning their obsessions.

Some of our blooming plants, Spring 2020

Pleione xconfusa

xconfusa is a natural hybrid of forresti and humilis. We do not currently have xconfusa for sale. We obtained our specimens from Far Reaches Farm in Port Townsend WA. Please visit their website.

Pleione Lucey

Lucey is a hybrid of yunnanensis and humilis

Pleione Versailles 'Bucklebury'

Versailles is a hybrid of formosana and limpritchii.

Cypripedium Sabine clump

Cyp Sabine is usually our earliest blooming Cyp each year.

Cypripedium Sabine album

Here is the album form of Cyp Sabine from a young plant.

Cypripedium Sabine album

Here is the album form of Cyp Sabine from a plant that has bloomed for several years. Note how much larger the flower is than that above from the younger plant.

Two more colorful macranthos/tibeticum hybrids to compare to Cyp Eurasia:

Cypripedium Henric

Wheres Eurasia is a cross between a typical Cyp macranthos and Cyp tibeticum, Henric, pictured here, was allowed to be registered as a distinct hybrid of Cyp macranthos var hotei-atsumorianum and tibeticum. We had quite a few Henric last year and sold quite a few. Those that remained with us, like this one, bloomed very well this Spring. Henric's flowers are essentially identical to Eurasia although a few of the plants that flowers that were slighty larger than those of Eurasia.

Cypripedium Dr Ernst von Siemens

Dr Ernst von Siemens is a hybrid of xfroschii and tibeticum. Some workers believe that xfroschii is actually a form of tibeticum that grows in more open areas.

Cypripedium GPH Barbara

GPH Barbara is named after my wife. The plant is a cross between Favilianum and fasciolatum.

Cyp Bernd

Cyp Bernd.